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O-Deck RPG: Discworld

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Time for Discworld RPG!

The Time Monks are well known for meddling in this and that, and mucking about to generally make a tangled rat nest of timelines. It all works out, the sun refrains from spontaneously exploding, and life goes on in Ankh-Morpork. For one small group of children, the decision to stow away on a seagoing vessel* to escape their hard-knock orphan lives ends far from uneventfully as the Monks accidentally repair a hole in time twenty-three years, four months, eight days, and the sneeze of a gnat in the future using the what they thought was an empty patch of sea. This resulted in the very splashy grounding of the ship in the middle of Satyr Square, along with several hundred gallons of saltwater, three dozen gallons of very startled saltwater fish, and an unfortunate sea turtle.

All the children, now grown adults with bothersome things like bills and responsibilities, remember about the aftermath of their return to the familiar stench, sights, sounds, and stench of Ankh-Morpork was the strict command from an odd small wizened Monk with a broom, in between mutterings about "Patchy time" and "Couldn't hit a spatial-temporal coordinate if it kicked them in the skittles" was "Whatever you lot do, don't go rooting back to where you came from. Try to avoid your old friends, and whatever you do, if you left something important behind, never go back to get it or we'll all be in deep cacky."

Against all odds, nobody crossed against the Monk's instructions.

That is, until one day, Kennard the cabin boy** took a wrong turn in an alley, pulled back a discolored brick, and held a crumbling stuffed and moldy bunny rabbit in his hands again. That's when everything started to go wahooni-shaped...

*Seagoing being a very kind description of what others would term the result of a rotten wagon full of poor-quality salt cod colliding with another rotten wagon full of old laundry, and the conglomeration of both tumbling into the silty outlet of the river Ankh

**Former cabin boy, of course. He had joined the Guild of Barrel-Makers, and was given the surname 'Stave,' and was well liked by all (All, except of course the Boxers Guild, who were the traditional and venerated nemesis of all Barrel-Maker guild members and who rented the guild hall from 6:30 to 8 sharpish on Wednesdays through Fridays)


If you are going to play, please make a character using the Simple D6 2e rules (1 page of rules total) and post in the Characters comment below (Your character is one of the crew of the ill-fated and somewhat landlocked vessel, now a cheery tavern for the past five years). I can only wrangle up to 8 players, so first come-first served. Gameplay will be in the comments below.

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